Child Accidental Deaths Decrease

Child Accidental Deaths Decrease

When a child is killed, it can be a parent’s worst nightmare, but thankfully, Portland child accident lawyers have seen a dramatic drop in the number of child accidental deaths over the past decade. While the numbers remain too high, the trend is certainly to be welcomed, according to personal injury attorneys. A recent report […]

Negotiating Your Oregon Auto Insurance Settlement

Many people feel they do not need a personal injury attorney and are quite happy to represent themselves. They think—perhaps quite rightly—that their case is a straightforward one and that they don’t need to acquire professional help. If you are one of those thinking of tackling the insurance companies alone, there are a number of […]

Remember: Sometimes Auto Injuries Take a Few Days to Show

When people are injured in any kind of serious accident, they’re normally relieved just to find they’re still alive. Oregon serious injury lawyers, however, have warned accident victims to be on the look-out for damage that may take a few days after the accident to become obvious. A classic example of this occurred last March, […]

Oregon Car Insurance Lawyers Warn of Car Sharing Risks

Everyone likes to do their bit for the environment, and if they can make a little extra money in the process, then fine. Oregon car insurance lawyers warned this week, however, that insurance companies are none too happy about the growing trend of car sharing. Companies that specialize in putting car sharing agreements in place, […]

Study Finds Brain Injuries Are Related to PTSD

Perhaps the most traumatic of all injuries that someone involved in a car accident will have to contend with is damage to the brain. This is a life-altering injury that has serious effects on both the person who suffers the damage, and their extended family. A Portland brain injury attorney is often called upon in […]

How NOT Seeing a Doctor Can Decrease the Value of Your Injury Claim

Portland injury lawyers always tell people that the first thing they should do after any traffic accident is to see a physician, but many people fail to heed this advice. Many people think they’ve just been shaken up and that there’s no real damage done. Still others say they haven’t got the time, or that […]

Why Mandatory Binding Arbitration Can Be Hard on Injured Oregonians

Oregon drivers who have been injured by other negligent road users have always had the right to consult Portland personal injury lawyers and seek compensation through the court system. In these cases, a judge or jury listens to the evidence presented from witnesses to the accident, doctors who have treated the injured driver and employers […]

How Much is My Oregon Motorcycle Injury Claim Worth?

Every Oregon motorcyclist knows that if they’re in a collision with a car, no matter whose fault it is, the motorcyclist is going to bear the brunt of the damage. And while motorcyclists often get a “bum rap” due to the ingrained prejudices of many motorists, the fact is that a high percentage of accidents […]