Bicycling in Portland: How NOT to Get Hit By Cars (Part 1)

 We offer here our Top 10 reasons cycling accidents occur, and the best ways to avoid getting hit by a car. The truth is you’d be better off following these tips without wearing a helmet and not getting hit, than to wear a helmet and think that’s the last precaution you need to take, leading […]

Smile, Your Accident is on YouTube

Guest Post by Attorney Richard Console American Traffic Solutions, a company that provides the camera systems utilized on traffic lights, recently released a video online that uses footage from these red-light-cameras in New Jersey. According to, Kate Coulson, a spokeswoman for ATS, explained how much these cameras help make the roadways safer. Coulson went […]

Portland Biker Takes Safety Seriously

In 2011, a total of 319 people lost their lives on Oregon roads. That figure is almost identical to 2010 statistics. Tragically, however, the number of cyclists who were killed in traffic accidents more than doubled in the past 12 months. This raises questions regarding the safety of Oregon roads for bicyclists, and what can […]

How to Describe an Auto Accident to the Insurance Company

For any Oregon driver who has ever had to file an auto accident insurance claim, giving a clear, accurate description of what happened is critical to a successful settlement of that claim. Even if you weren’t directly involved in an accident, but you were a witness, there are a number of key things to remember […]

Christmas Safety: Decorating Tips

The kids are getting excited–whether they’re 7 or 77—and with the sharp frost in the air and the carol singers getting ready to make their rounds, thoughts turn to putting up the tree, draping lights all around the house and lighting up the scented candles that make a house smell like…well…like Christmas. Without trying to […]

Portland to Enforce Sidewalk Bicycling Laws

Portland has long been known as a city where huge numbers of people use bicycles for a wide variety of purposes—to get to work, to see the sights, to protect the environment and of course, for exercise. Sadly, the ever-increasing number of cyclists has led to safety issues for cyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians. As Portland […]

Portland Personal Injury: Whiplash After an Accident

Whiplash is an injury that occurs following damage to the neck. This condition is common as a result of injuries sustained in automobile accidents. The neck pain associated with whiplash may be obvious immediately after the injury or it may not show up for several days. Other symptoms of whiplash include: • Headaches • Back and/or shoulder […]

Portland Personal Injury: Herniated Disk

One of the most common car crash injuries is a herniated disk. A herniated, or “slipped,” disk occurs when the disk between spinal vertebrae moves out of place and the nerves can become pinched. Common Symptoms: Pain in one side of the body Sharp pain in one part of the leg or hip Numbness Weakness in affected leg […]