Study Finds Brain Injuries Are Related to PTSD

Perhaps the most traumatic of all injuries that someone involved in a car accident will have to contend with is damage to the brain. This is a life-altering injury that has serious effects on both the person who suffers the damage, and their extended family. A Portland brain injury attorney is often called upon in […]

Don’t Drive with a Cold – Surprising Study

It’s the time of year when thousands of Oregonians are suffering with colds and flu. People still drive to the shops; mothers drive the kids to school and some people try to tough it out and drive to work, even when they should probably be at home in bed with a hot drink, a cold […]

How NOT Seeing a Doctor Can Decrease the Value of Your Injury Claim

Portland injury lawyers always tell people that the first thing they should do after any traffic accident is to see a physician, but many people fail to heed this advice. Many people think they’ve just been shaken up and that there’s no real damage done. Still others say they haven’t got the time, or that […]

Defective Airbags Can Cause Actionable Injuries

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, cars are becoming safer as each new model is introduced. New and improved safety devices are now standard equipment on even the most basic compact car, and in larger luxury and family models and SUV’s, you’d be forgiven for thinking you could drive your vehicle off a cliff without […]

Gathering Your Oregon Medical Records

In the case of an Oregon traffic accident where someone has been hurt, a Portland injury lawyer will not only want to see his client’s medical records, he or she will also know what to do with them to help their client’s case. A recent study has shown that most patients would like access to […]

Work-Related Calls No Longer Allowed on the Roads

Oregon legislators have moved to close loopholes in previous laws that allowed motorists to use cell phones for work purposes while driving. In May, 2011, HB3186 was passed by a vote of 39 to 17, now making it illegal for all drivers on Oregon roads to use cell phones unless they are summoning emergency help, […]

Portland Bicycle Paths and Trails Used More Than Ever

Getting out and about on a bicycle is becoming increasingly popular in Portland, and especially on the city’s multi-use paths and trails, according to information just released. Cyclists seem to be doing more recreational riding than ever, and using paths, lanes and corridors designed to keep them away from traffic would appear to be the […]

Bicycling in Portland: How NOT to Get Hit By Cars (Part 2)

Staying safe while riding a bicycle on Oregon roads is not just a cyclist’s responsibility. Having said that, the problem is when a car and a bicycle come together, the car might get a scratch or two, but the cyclist is highly unlikely to be so lucky. Following the safety tips we’ve listed here will […]