Auto Accidents Downtown Prompt Traffic Signal Changes

The intersection of any two streets you care to mention will always come with its own inherent set of dangers. The busier the street, the greater the chance that someone will do something at that intersection that leads to someone’s car getting banged up. However, Portland car accident attorneys have noticed that one intersection in […]

Does My Auto Accident Affect My Homeowner’s Insurance?

Let’s say you had a bad year on the roads that meant you had to file an insurance claim or two. Maybe your teenage son, driving under your policy, made a bad left hand turn and sideswiped a parked car, or you skidded on an unseen patch of ice and ran into the back of […]

People Admit to Distracted Driving in New Survey

We’ve all seen it as we’ve driven along Oregon roads, and Portland car accident lawyers have been kept busy looking after clients who have been the victims of behavior that often defies belief. In spite of the obvious dangers, some drivers continue to send text messages while tearing along the interstate. Lady drivers do their […]

Road Rage Leads to Vehicular Assault in N. Portland

Lance Hamel, 38, recently became the victim in a case of road rage that ended up in court. Hamel knows that it could have been much worse. Instead of being in a courtroom explaining what had happened to him, he could easily have ended up in a cemetery. Road rage is a problem that many […]

Work-Related Calls No Longer Allowed on the Roads

Oregon legislators have moved to close loopholes in previous laws that allowed motorists to use cell phones for work purposes while driving. In May, 2011, HB3186 was passed by a vote of 39 to 17, now making it illegal for all drivers on Oregon roads to use cell phones unless they are summoning emergency help, […]

Smile, Your Accident is on YouTube

Guest Post by Attorney Richard Console American Traffic Solutions, a company that provides the camera systems utilized on traffic lights, recently released a video online that uses footage from these red-light-cameras in New Jersey. According to, Kate Coulson, a spokeswoman for ATS, explained how much these cameras help make the roadways safer. Coulson went […]

Drunk Driving Crack Down in Portland

All traffic accidents are regrettable under any circumstances and even more so when someone gets injured. Thousands of Oregon drivers are unfortunate enough to be injured every year, and hundreds are killed in accidents that are caused by everything from poor road conditions and appalling weather to medical conditions or texting while driving. However, Portland […]

Portland Biker Takes Safety Seriously

In 2011, a total of 319 people lost their lives on Oregon roads. That figure is almost identical to 2010 statistics. Tragically, however, the number of cyclists who were killed in traffic accidents more than doubled in the past 12 months. This raises questions regarding the safety of Oregon roads for bicyclists, and what can […]