Help! I Crashed Someone Else’s Car – Will Insurance Cover this?

People often contact an Oregon car insurance attorney when they have been in an accident in which someone got injured. That’s common enough. However, considerable confusion and anxiety are often the byproducts of an accident where either the person driving the car didn’t own it, or the owner of the car had loaned it to […]

Investigate a Truck Accident: Guide to Proving Your Case

When trucks and cars collide on Oregon highways, one thing is certain and another thing is likely, but neither is good. First, the car is certainly going to “lose” in the battle between a 3,000-pound vehicle and an 18-wheeler with a cab that can weigh up to 23,000 pounds and which can carry a load […]

Slip and Fall Accident Cases: Staircases

Here’s the scenario:  You’re in someone else’s building, either public or private, and you’re walking down a flight of stairs. No one else is near you; no one else is involved. Suddenly, you trip and fall, and realize right away you’ve done some serious damage to yourself. Who’s at fault? This is the question frequently […]

Don’t Want to Go to Trial for a Personal Injury?

Don’t Want to Go to Trial for a Personal Injury?

Many individuals are unclear on the difference between mediation and arbitration in the legal process. Both are alternatives for resolving disputes outside of court; however they are different processes for conflict resolution. Mediation Defined: An impartial mediator listens to the evidence of each party and then arranges meetings to work toward resolution. Mediators are usually […]