5 Myths About Personal Injury Debunked

Did you ever hear the one about the really decent, honest Portland personal injury attorney? Stop laughing! A lot of myths have developed over the years about personal injury lawyers, and we’d like to cut through some of them, so please read on. As personal injury lawyers, we know a lot of people are afraid […]

10 Tips for Determining Pain and Suffering Damages

Accidents are expensive. The cost in terms of damage to vehicles, medical treatment, lost wages and other monetary expenses runs into the billions of dollars every year in this country. The numbers can be quoted with a great degree of accuracy. The cost of those accidents in terms of the pain and suffering caused to […]

What to Do When Your Insurance Claim is Denied

A bad situation just got worse. You were driving your car home from work and were involved in an accident in downtown Portland. You had to go to the doctor a day or two later, because you were injured. It meant you missed a couple of days off work; you weren’t paid, and your boss […]