Is it OK to Kill Cyclists…In Oregon?

Is it OK to Kill Cyclists…In Oregon?

  Amazing article by Daniel Duane in Sunday’s New York Times. Here’s how he starts: “Everyone who knows me knows that I love cycling and that I’m also completely freaked out by it.” With a start like that, you might not be surprised where he ends up: cycling is fun, but dangerous. His main point: […]

Can Your Laptop Plead the Fifth? “Testimony” in a Digital Age

The Electronic Frontier Foundation always gets involved in interesting cases, and Leon Gelfgatt’s is no exception: Mr. Gelfgatt was arrested and charged with forgery. Then the government got a search warrant and seized his electronics as evidence. But he had encrypted his files, and the government couldn’t break the encryption. So they asked a judge […]

Smaller Case Blues: Justice for 20.080 and PIP Claims

I just had lunch with a 30-year-old lawyer. He does great work. He’s got three or four years experience, and he’s smart, eager, and a good lawyer. At first I was shocked when he told me that he’s never heard of a 20.080 case, or a PIP case. But the more I thought about it, […]