Oregon to Participate in Distracted Driving Awareness Month

The National Safety Council has designated April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month and has challenged drivers to go online to the Council’s website and sign a pledge promising to refrain from cell phone use (texting or talking) while behind the wheel during the month of April. Oregon car accident attorneys at Shulman DuBois LLC encourage […]

Warmer Portland Weather Means More Motorcycles on Roadways

As warmer weather prevails, more and more motorcycles will be sharing our roadways, which means extra care should be taken by both motorists and motorcycle riders to avoid accidents. The Portland motorcycle accident attorneys at Shulman DuBois LLC want to take this opportunity to remind the Portland community to be on the lookout for motorcycles, […]

Portland Injury Attorneys See Many Accident Victims Who Need Legal Assistance

Injury claims arise from a number of events, incidents and circumstances in which you of a loved one sustains serious injury as the result of an accident. Common injury claims that the Portland injury attorneys see in their personal injury practice are the result of car accidents, truck accidents, boat accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, […]

After an Accident, Speak to a Lawyer BEFORE the Insurance Company

It’s one thing when you are a NASCAR favorite and announce on national television that you believe another NASCAR driver was at-fault in an accident as Denny Hamlin did this week. After all, he does have great video to back up his accusation. But, when you are a regular Oregon citizen, driving on regular Oregon […]

Oregon Truck Crashes are Complicated – Do You Need an Attorney?

An Oregon truck driver who crashed his truck after swerving to avoid hitting an animal in the roadway, unleashed 500 million bees onto Highway 97 near Madras last week. Fortunately, the truck driver was uninjured in the crash, but it took bee apprentices from the Central Oregon Beekeepers Association 12 hours to rescue the bees. […]

Portland Accident Lawyers are Familiar with Compound Fractures

Open Fracture Recovery Can Mean Extended Time Away from Work and Large Medical Bills Seen frequently in the aftermath of a car collision, open fractures (also referred to as compound fractures) that do not heal properly or become infected require a significant amount of medical treatment over an extended period of time—meaning such an injury […]

April Fundraiser for Police Veteran Reminds Us – Life Can Change in an Instant

Accidents happen. Not matter who you are, what you do, or how healthy you might be, an accident can derail your life, changing things forever. That’s just what happened to 20-year Portland Police veteran Paul Meyer. Paralyzed in what The Oregonian characterized as a “freak accident”, Meyer has gone from being an active Portland police […]

Oregon Car Accident Lawyers Explain Pedestrian Injury Compensation

Pedestrians Rarely Escape Injury When Involved In A Car Accident Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable victims in car accidents.  With little protection against the impact and power of a car, pedestrians rarely escape injury when involved in a car accident. As seen in this most recent pedestrian accident, the most commonly injured victims […]