Civil Litigation: Car Accident Lawsuits

 Car accidents lawsuits are a common occurrence for many people who have been involved in a major automobile accident.  First and foremost, it must be said that if at any time you feel your car accident claim may go to court, or that you need help in settlement negotiations, you will need to seek the […]

Auto Injury Lawyers DON’T Rush Claims

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for an insurance company to settle your auto injury claim and issue you your settlement?  Auto injury lawyers often times spend several months negotiating with an insurance company on the simplest of facts, including the extent of injuries, liability, and punitive damages. When it comes to […]

Wrongful Death Law Firms Can Protect Your Rights

Wrongful Death Law Firms Can Protect Your Rights

Getting the Help that You Need for Your Wrongful Death Claim If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, wrongful death law firms can assist you with getting the help that you need to hold the responsible party accountable.  Regardless of whom you have lost, a parent, a child, a spouse, […]

How to Get Fair Auto Accident Compensation After a Crash

The Insurance Claim Process – The Insurance Adjuster When you have been involved in an auto accident, one of the first things that you will do after the accident is file your claim with an insurance company.  As soon as you have completed this important step, the first thing that they will do is to […]

How to File Car Accident Claims with Insurance

Getting involved in an auto accident can be extremely stressful, no doubt.  This is true if it’s a small accident or a major one.  However, it is possible that filing car accident claims could be just as stressful, depending on the circumstances of the car accident and the willingness of the insurance company you are […]

Negotiating An Auto Accident Settlement

Negotiating an auto accident settlement can be a very complex and trying thing for many people to tackle.  It can take a lot of effort, a lot of time, and an even greater amount of other resources that many don’t seem to understand. Before you can come to any kind of fair settlement in your […]

Common Causes of Crashes Seen By Automobile Accident Lawyers

Automobile accident lawyers operating in Oregon sees literally hundreds of car accident cases each year.  These accidents typically involve people that have been injured due to the reckless and negligent actions of others driving on the road, or those that didn’t take the proper precautions to avoid a car accident.  However, this number is nothing […]