Oregon Vehicle Crash Attorneys Say: File a Police Report

You’ve been involved in an accident on the highway.  You are safe and sound, there are no injuries, but your vehicle has sustained some major damage.  You’ve traded information with the other driver, you’ve gotten information from any reliable witnesses, and you’ve made sure that everyone else is alright.  What have you forgotten to do?  […]

Current Accident Statistics from a Portland Traffic Accident Lawyer

While it has become apparent that over time the number of accidents on America’s roadways is decreasing, there are still an exorbitant amount of road traffic accidents taking place on the highways and byways stretching across the country.  In reality there are, on average, somewhere upwards of six million vehicle accidents on the roads of […]

Joshua Shulman, Member of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon

Joshua Shulman is a personal injury attorney on a mission to do some good in the State of Oregon.  Together with his partner, Sean DuBois, Shulman established the Shulman DuBois, LLC law firm in 2008 with a mission to garner justice and proper compensation for those clients who have been injured or sustained damages in […]

Oregon Car Wreck Attorney Discusses Common Crash Causes

If you’re a car driver and are on the road a fairly average amount of time, there’s at least a 25 percent chance that you’ve been involved in a car accident within the last five years. Yes, that’s right. As a driver, there’s a one in four chance that you’ll be involved in some sort […]

Preparing for Trial with an Oregon Truck Injury Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been involved in an Oregon truck accident caused by a truck driver’s negligence, or a trucking company’s negligence?  Have you been injured in this accident and have spent a significant amount of time away from work and a substantial amount of money on medical expenses?  If you answered “Yes” […]

Personal Injury Lawyer: Write an Injury Claim Demand Letter

One of the most difficult tasks that people encounter when involved in a personal injury case is putting together a demand letter.   A demand letter is, essentially, a letter expressly stating a legal right and an amount due as reasonable compensation for injuries to person and/or property.  In most cases, this task will be handled […]

Oregon Truck Accident Lawyers Explain Gathering Evidence

Oregon Truck Accident Lawyers Explain Gathering Evidence

The most important thing that you will need to do when involved in a truck accident, aside from making sure that you are personally well, will be to make sure that you do everything possible to obtain as much information about the accident along the way.  This means obtaining as much information at the scene […]

When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re involved in an accident or have suffered an injury due to no fault of your own, you will find that one of the most time-intensive activities that you will do afterward is to work with an insurance company on your claim.  It is a fact that most insurance companies want to handle any […]