Bad Faith Claims and Allstate Insurance

I hear all the time about how awful Allstate is to deal with. I agree. Except that I have one caveat: I haven’t found an insurance company that’s much better. In fact, that’s why we are willing to sue insurance companies – as Portland insurance bad faith claim attorneys, we are working to ensure that […]

Oregon Brain Injury Lawyer Testimonial

I am Kayla Harrison. Two years ago I had a fall, which resulted in a spinal injury and a brain injury. After I recovered for a month at home I started my extensive search for an Oregon brain injury lawyer. So I came here first and met with Josh and asked questions on how the […]

What is an Oregon Letter of Protection?

Whenever a client is being represented by a lawyer, he or she may agree to use something known as a “Letter of Protection.” Basically, this is when the lawyer asks a medical provider or doctor to put off billing the client until their personal injury case is completed. Keep in mind that the Oregon Letter […]

Is Oregon a No Fault State?

Car accidents are such a nuisance. First, there’s the damage to your vehicle itself, and then there’s the often contentious question of who caused the crash? That question can be difficult to answer at the best of times, even when one driver was clearly at fault. Their version of the events leading up to the […]

Parents’ Responsibility After Teenager Is in a Car Accident?

Teenagers don’t want to hear this, but they are considered an “at risk” category of driver. They mostly feel like they know better, drive better and are more skillful than the road users around them, in spite of the fact they’ve only been driving for a short time. Once they get behind the wheel with […]

Oregon Motorcyclists, Stop Your Friends from Riding Drunk

Oregon motorcyclists have the reputation, deserved or otherwise, for being a breed apart and occasionally, a law unto themselves. This is almost certainly unfair, as it’s safe to say motorists that use four wheels are equally as likely to violate Oregon’s road safety laws as those that go around the state on two. What it […]

Portland Sports Injury Attorneys: Laws Now Favor Victims

Tens of thousands of Oregon children are involved in organized sports every year, and one thing is as certain as night following day. When kids get involved in sports, some of them get hurt. Many parents are left devastated when the sport their child played with such joy and passion ends up causing a devastating […]

Real Rear-End Accident Attorneys Settlements

The Portland rear-end accident attorneys at Shulman DuBois have been working hard make sure our clients get fair settlements after their accidents. Here are some recent settlements we’ve achieved: J.E. was rear-ended when she stopped to let a bicyclist cross at an intersection. With over $10,000 in damage done to her car, and serious injuries, […]