Pool Drownings of Children Still a Serious Problem for Parents

Pool Drownings of Children Still a Serious Problem for Parents

Summer is here at last, and as the temperatures rise, more and more Oregonians take to the great outdoors for fresh air, sunshine (whenever it shows up) and some exercise. Unfortunately, the season that brings longer daylight hours and warmer weather also reminds us all too frequently and in the worst possible way that pool […]

How to Get a Rental Car After A Car Accident

What a week you’ve had! You’ve been in a car accident, but your boss doesn’t want to know about it. You still have to get to work, and the kids aren’t about to walk to school just because your car is off the road. What can you do, and how do you do it? Portland […]

Real Personal Injury Awards: June 2012

The Portland injury compensation lawyers at Shulman DuBois have been working hard make sure our clients get fair settlements after their accidents. Here are some recent settlements we’ve achieved: 1)   C. B. was working when he was exposed to toxic chemicals that greatly affected his health, and in fact gave him a life-long health condition. […]

National Safety Month Focus: Slips and Falls

Every year, National Safety Month is observed to alert people to a wide variety of accidents and injuries that could be avoided, saving time, money and no small amount of pain and suffering. In Oregon, hundreds of people are hurt every year in slip and fall accidents, and it’s no surprise that the people responsible […]

Insurance Adjusters and Colossus Lowball Your Claim

The Consumer Federation of America and a concerned group of Portland personal injury attorneys have issued a warning to consumers that insurance companies are using a powerful software tool to keep claims payouts unrealistically low. The software package is used to lowball customers who have made homeowners and auto insurance claims. Two former employees within […]

Driving Myth #5: Stopping for Emergency Vehicles

Myth No. 5 – Slowing down or moving a lane away from stopped emergency vehicles is only a courtesy, but it’s not a law. Well, here’s the thing; it actually is the law in Oregon and has been for a few years now. The law was enacted as a reaction to a number of horrific […]

Driving Myth #4: Use of Turning Lanes

Myth No. 4:  I can use the left turn lane (or designated center turn lane) as a merging lane or as a lane of travel to get up to my anticipated turning point. This could rank as among the most highly abused of our five Portland driving myths. The incorrect use of left turn lanes […]

Driving Myth #3: Bicycles on the Sidewalk

Myth No. 3:  I can ride my bicycle on a sidewalk just the same as riding on the street. Here we have another great source of Portland arguments and displays of verbal versatility. Portland pedestrians frequently voice their opinion that there should be a law protecting them from cyclists using sidewalks. Well, there is such […]