Dangers of Using Car Voice Controls Concern Car Injury Lawyers

More and more automobile manufacturers are adding voice controls to their vehicles as standard equipment, but Oregon car injury lawyers are asking the question, “Are you really safer talking to your car than you are to, say, someone at the other end of a phone?” According to some recently published statistics, the answer may very […]

Portland Car Attorneys Spotlight 10 Worst Vehicles for 2011

You’ve seen all the commercials telling you how great this SUV is, or how driving that sporty little hatchback will change your life, but a Portland car attorney is looking at things from a different angle. While every Detroit manufacturer wants you to think they produce the best vehicle, please see below a compilation of […]

Portland Drunk Driver Attorney Welcomes New Ignition Interlocks Law

Drunk drivers kill literally thousands of people each year in the United States, and Oregon has seen its fair share of this type of tragedy, but steps to curb the likelihood of this happening on Oregon roads in the future have been welcomed by a Portland drunk driver attorney. Both the Senate and the state […]

Real Portland Personal Injury Cases

These are real stories about our Portland personal injury clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed. “Scott” was walking to work near PSU when he was hit by car. […]

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Portland Welcome New Airbag Innovation

Portland pedestrian injury lawyers have welcomed the launch of what must be considered one of the most innovating safety devices to come along in quite awhile. It seems like airbags have been around forever, when in fact they were only introduced in 1987. Now, they are standard equipment on all new cars, and it sometimes […]