Tips to Avoiding Construction Zone Car Accidents

Distracted drivers are responsible for more than a dozen deaths on American roads every day, and Portland personal injury attorneys have noted that construction zone car accidents are especially perilous places for drivers to be taking on cell phones or worse, texting. The prevention of construction zone car accidents is purely dependent on drivers being […]

Streetcar Tracks Pose Danger of a Road Hazard Crash to Bicyclists

Portland is allegedly one of the most bike-friendly cities in the entire country, but streetcar tracks—even brand new ones—can pose a real danger of road hazard crashes for cyclists, according to local personal injury attorneys. Other road perils can also lead to a road hazard crash, and the question increasingly being asked by cyclists is […]

Child Accidental Deaths Decrease

Child Accidental Deaths Decrease

When a child is killed, it can be a parent’s worst nightmare, but thankfully, Portland child accident lawyers have seen a dramatic drop in the number of child accidental deaths over the past decade. While the numbers remain too high, the trend is certainly to be welcomed, according to personal injury attorneys. A recent report […]

Recovering Emotionally and Psychologically After a Car Accident

When Oregon motorists have been involved in a serious car accident, they often find that recovering from trauma at an emotional level is every bit as difficult, or even more so, than getting over the physical damage caused to them in the crash. They are often surprised to discover that even if they feel relatively […]

Negotiating Your Oregon Auto Insurance Settlement

Many people feel they do not need a personal injury attorney and are quite happy to represent themselves. They think—perhaps quite rightly—that their case is a straightforward one and that they don’t need to acquire professional help. If you are one of those thinking of tackling the insurance companies alone, there are a number of […]

Number of Oregon Farm Injuries Have Decreased

Oregon farm worker injury lawyers have noted a sharp decline in the number of accidents on farms, and particularly those involving the under-20 age group. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released figures to show the number of young workers injured in farm accidents has fallen again, and experts believe the increased focus on […]

Thefts on Portland Transportation Increasing

Portland metro attorneys have warned people this week that thefts on TriMet buses and trains has increased by no less than 65 percent since 2006, even though the number of people using the service has only gone up by five percent in the same period. And they’re pretty sure they know the reasons why. TriMet […]