People Admit to Distracted Driving in New Survey

We’ve all seen it as we’ve driven along Oregon roads, and Portland car accident lawyers have been kept busy looking after clients who have been the victims of behavior that often defies belief. In spite of the obvious dangers, some drivers continue to send text messages while tearing along the interstate. Lady drivers do their […]

What to Do After a Portland Slip and Fall Accident

Let’s face it. Slip-and-fall accident cases often receive highly negative publicity because of a number of well-documented incidents where attempts were made to defraud the premises owner with false claims. The fact is, people do fall in places like supermarkets and shopping malls, and they get injured, sometimes quite seriously. A Portland premises liability lawyer […]

US DOT ‘Hours of Service’ Rule Prevents Truck Accidents

Virtually every product manufactured in the United States is transported by a truck at some stage. Trucks are an important cog in the country’s economic wheel. Portland truck accident lawyers know that trucks are also, simply because of their sheer size and weight, very dangerous objects and especially when the driver is tired. A 2006 […]

Road Rage Leads to Vehicular Assault in N. Portland

Lance Hamel, 38, recently became the victim in a case of road rage that ended up in court. Hamel knows that it could have been much worse. Instead of being in a courtroom explaining what had happened to him, he could easily have ended up in a cemetery. Road rage is a problem that many […]

Olympic National Park: Lawsuit for Wrongful Death

Olympic National Park: Lawsuit for Wrongful Death

When a 63-year-old Port Angeles man died from injuries he received after being attacked by a mountain goat in Olympic National Park in 2010, his family launched a wrongful death claim against the park for $10 million. The family said the park was responsible for the death and that they were negligent because they didn’t […]

Portland Police Bureau Cracks Down on Hit and Run Drivers

There are crimes of passion, petty crimes, crimes of negligence and neglect, white collar crimes born of greed and corruption…it’s true to say there are almost as many types of crime as there are criminals. But then there is the crime that in many ways is worse than most others. Portland bicycle accident lawyers and […]