PIP Covers All Drivers Who Drive With Car Owner’s Permission

The State of Oregon Court of Appeals recently heard such a case, where Geico Insurance Company was the defendant in a case taken by Brandon Sheptow (Sheptow v. Geico Gen. Ins. Co., 246 OR App 18 (2011)). This case sets a precedent that anyone driving a car (with the owner’s permission) will be covered under […]

Portland Rollover Accidents Are Still a Problem

If a traffic accident that injures or kills drivers and passengers could have been prevented long before the accident took place, is it right to still call it an accident? If a design flaw causes a vehicle to roll over after a tire blows out or when a driver makes a sudden turn for whatever […]

Gathering Your Oregon Medical Records

In the case of an Oregon traffic accident where someone has been hurt, a Portland injury lawyer will not only want to see his client’s medical records, he or she will also know what to do with them to help their client’s case. A recent study has shown that most patients would like access to […]

Injury Victim of Driver Running Red Light

This is a real story about one of our real clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed. “Danny” was driving in NE Portland when another driver ran a red […]

Work-Related Calls No Longer Allowed on the Roads

Oregon legislators have moved to close loopholes in previous laws that allowed motorists to use cell phones for work purposes while driving. In May, 2011, HB3186 was passed by a vote of 39 to 17, now making it illegal for all drivers on Oregon roads to use cell phones unless they are summoning emergency help, […]

Breakthrough in Healing Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is one of the most devastating things that can happen to the victim of a traffic accident. The physical effects are horrific enough, but every good brain injury attorney could also testify to the long term financial, emotional and psychological damage done; not just to the victim, but also to their extended […]

Portland Bicycle Paths and Trails Used More Than Ever

Getting out and about on a bicycle is becoming increasingly popular in Portland, and especially on the city’s multi-use paths and trails, according to information just released. Cyclists seem to be doing more recreational riding than ever, and using paths, lanes and corridors designed to keep them away from traffic would appear to be the […]

Bicycling in Portland: How NOT to Get Hit By Cars (Part 2)

Staying safe while riding a bicycle on Oregon roads is not just a cyclist’s responsibility. Having said that, the problem is when a car and a bicycle come together, the car might get a scratch or two, but the cyclist is highly unlikely to be so lucky. Following the safety tips we’ve listed here will […]