Portland Funeral Home Abuse and Neglect Lawsuits

The loss of a loved one is possibly the most traumatic experience many of us will face in our lifetime. In cases where funeral arrangements haven’t been planned in advance, difficult and expensive decisions must be made quickly. Unfortunately, though most Oregon funeral homes are reputable, Portland funeral home abuse attorneys know that vulnerable people […]

Child Injury Lawyers: Keeping Kids Safe On Halloween

What a fantastic time of year autumn is! The leaves are changing color; the air is fresh and invigorating. Fall sports are in full swing, and the kids are looking forward to dressing up in costumes, attending parties and then, on Halloween night, running from door to door, shouting “Trick or Treat,” in the hopes […]

Businesses That Fail to Warn Consumers May Be Liable

When manufacturers or sellers fail to warn a consumer about potential dangers associated with using their product, those failures are known as marketing defects. The laws surrounding proving a product liability case are complex, and Portland product liability lawyers are frequently called upon when liability is denied. To begin with, marketing defects are not the […]

How to Prove Negligence in a Portland Premises Liability Case

If ever there was a complex legal area, the proving of negligence in a premises liability claim must be top of the list. Portland premises liability lawyers must demonstrate a number of things to validate a personal injury claim caused by a slip and fall, burn or any of the other multiple types of injuries […]

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction is the backbone of the economy. To quote an old adage, “As the construction industry goes, so goes the country.” Construction provides thousands of jobs in Oregon, but each year, workers and their families discover the hard way that construction sites are among the most dangerous of all work places, and Portland construction accident […]

How to Avoid Truck Accidents and Injuries

They are perceived, often incorrectly, as the bullies of the roadway. Trucks, simply by virtue of their sheer size compared to other vehicles, are intimidating. And if your car has been in a collision with a truck, it’s not going to be a contest as to which vehicle is going to sustain the most damage, […]

Guide to Buying a Safe Family Car from Portland Car Accident Attorneys

You’ve looked at all the latest models. They come with every gadget and gizmo imaginable. Nowadays, cars, SUV’s and even pickup trucks have sound systems to rival any movie theater, satellite navigation systems that could have been put together at NASA, and seats that keep you warm in a blizzard and cool in a heat […]