Speeding, Not Racing, Led to Fatal Crash

Date: July 19, 2010 Location: Highway 99W, Newberg, Oregon Names: Nathan Dirk Hext, Casey Niles Binkerd, Ina May Benuche, Ivan Louis Langley, Joshua David Reimer A tragic crash that killed two teenagers and injured two seniors July 19, 2010, was the result of excessive speed, but not street racing, Newberg-Dundee police told KOINLocal6, putting to […]

Don’t Rely on Anti-Bullying Laws to Parent: Talk to Your Kids

I don’t think I really admitted to myself that I was bullied until my own children entered grade school. All these years I’ve been telling myself it was just a normal part of growing up. That being picked on made me stronger. Even that it was good for me: that my “outsider” status contributed to […]

Woman Dies, Husband Injured in Car-Truck Crash

Date: July 22, 2010 Location: Highway 30 & Old Portland Road near Warren, Oregon Names: Kristina Brixey, Joseph L. Brixey, Douglas A. Heckman, A 23-year-old woman died and her husband was injured July 22, 2010, in a car-truck crash at the intersection of Highway 30 and Old Portland Road near Warren, Oregon, according to an […]

I-5 Crash Injures Six

Date: July 21, 2010 Location: I-5 near Albany, Oregon Names: Lela F. Andrews, Forrest K. Keeler, [Unknown] On July 21, 2010, a highway crash injured six people, including four minor children. The crash occurred on I-5 near Albany, Oregon, around 4:20 PM, according to a report in The Oregonian. Lela F. Andrews, 57, of Scio, […]

Fatigue May Have Caused Four-Car Crash

Date: July 15, 2010 Location: Highway 30 near Warren, Oregon Names: Michael E. Church, Julia A. Rice, Lisa K. Patterson, John M. Yaskovic Three people were injured in a chain-reaction four-car crash on July 15, 2010, around 3:05 PM, on Highway 30 near Warren, Oregon, according to an OSP press release, and troopers are looking […]

Drunk Driver Cited After Crash

Date: July 11, 2010 Location: Highway 97 near Moro, Oregon Names: Cesar Perez Fausto, Alvaro Lamprea, Jorge Angel-Moliner, Bioleta Angel-Moliner, Aylin Perez, Scott Ekman, Timothy Roth A drunk driver was cited and released after rear-ending a car and causing life-threatening injuries to a pedestrian on July 11, 2010, around 2:20 AM, on Highway 97 near […]

Driver Jailed After Motorcycle Crash

Date: July 16, 2010 Location: NE 7th & Killingsworth St., Portland, Oregon Names: Jose Valdez-Gorogstieta, [Unknown] A 23-year-old man was arrested and jailed on July 17, 2010, a day after a Portland, Oregon traffic crash that injured two motorcycle riders, according to The Oregonian and a Portland Police Bureau press release. On July 16, around […]

Four Riders Injured in Motorcycle Crash

Date: July 18, 2010 Location: Highway 20 near Bend, Oregon Names: Benjamin Jonsson, Cara Jonsson, Frederick Herzoff, Annette Herzoff A bucket in the road caused a crash between two motorcycles on July 18, 2010, on Highway 20 near Bend, Oregon, that injured four people, according to an OSP press release. Around 10 AM, state police […]